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Don’t complain too much on how they didn’t make it to the grammy’s. (Still not sure on the situation but I wanted to say this) They got their names out, a lot of people probably watched the video and being just in the running and ahead of the race was a HUGE accomplishment! We all can’t be so upset when something like that happened! 

Also if you feel sad just remember the following things:

  • Pappy passed away when they were in the war and they never got to say goodbye
  • Pappy made the bots for the woman of his dreams and never got to show her
  • Justin Bieber will be our president one day 
  • The Spine wants to be human oh so bad but I see no fairy
  • The Jon runs on a limited supply of crystal pepsi
  • Hatchworth was locked in a vault for years
  • Rabbit had a honeybee that could not bee ha see what I did there?
  • You cannot ride a quesadilla 




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